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I left Beijing after I earned my Industrial Engineering degree and came to the United States to pursue my dreams. I received my MS degrees in Economics and Accounting and then earned my CPA license as I began my career. After several years I decided to leave the business world to pursue other interests and obligations.

During this time I found that I loved to cook and entertain for family, friends and business associates. I began reading cookbooks on all types of foods preparation, learning specialized techniques, trying recipes and exploring new combinations. My cookbook collection now exceeds 500, all of which have brought new and exciting dimensions to my cooking.

My passion for knowledge on cooking and the experience I gained from constant practice eventually evolved into catering some local businesses on their meetings and to providing items for their corporate gift programs. Finally I turned my business suit in for a chef’s jacket.

My life has had many paths, beginning as a child of influential parents in China, enduring the pains of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the impact that it had on my family, surviving the massive Tangshan China earthquake of 1976 and then finally accomplishing my dream and moving to America to explore the many opportunities available here. I have been very blessed and am extremely fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for food and share it with others.

Chef Ying Aikens

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